Precision Spirits, Headline Makers

Our bright start just got brighter. An interview with the Scotsman’s Liv Mcmahon gives readers a quick insight into how we started our journey to make a stir in the drinks industry and where our ideas and values came from during our time at university.

Precision Spirits, Headline Makers

Well, not the front page, but, technically we did make a headline so we’re pretty chuffed with that. Earlier this week we had the absolute pleasure of speaking to The Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News Journalist Liv McMahon about our exploits, how we came to be and what we want to achieve going forward.

The text has been taken from the article and shown below although if you wanted to give Liv some love, click on the link at the bottom of the page and head over to the website to see the real deal.

Precision Spirits Logo - Ghostie.

The duo have unveiled their first beverage on the market in the form of the Peace Lovin’ Decoy, available in a 250ml can at 4.0% ABV, which builds on the popularity of ready to drink (RTD) gin tins with a more upmarket, refreshing offering.

Featuring Precision’s own distilled craft gin and homemade lemonade, the Peace Lovin’ Decoy presents top notes of strawberry and clementine with a herbal finish, blending the fruity appeal of ciders and IPAs with a low calorie, less sugary gin spritzer.

Having first created plans for Precision Spirits in 2018 – when Scotland’s gin boom was at its peak – Luke and Guy sought to cut through a saturated market with a more creative RTD gin beverage that delivered on both quality and accessibility for a growing audience of gin lovers, and allowed them to use their skills in distilling and engineering to fill this gap in the market.

Co-founder of Precision Spirits, Luke said: "Once we both realised that neither of us particularly wanted to go into the classic 9-5 grind (at least not right away) we set out to find something that we could work on.”

He continued: “As students we obviously know a lot about alcohol and combining that with our chemical engineering knowledge we knew how to make it. Our aim was to try and address our main gripes with the alcohol industry and show that we could do things a different way."

With another flavour due to hit the market in Spring, Luke added that the mission of Precision spirits was simply “to create craft beer aesthetic without the cult-like mentality, the flavourful nature of the fruity cider market without the ridiculous sweetness and sugar content, and the artisan, craft nature of gin without the pretentiousness associated with it.”

Precision Spirits Logo - Ghostie.

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