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For a limited time only, we want you to meet Tartan Juice. We know how you loved Peace Lovin’ Decoy, so here’s a new flavour of Gin Spritzer to excite your tastebuds.

- Our very own craft gin

- Our cold-macerated tonic water, infused with fresh fruits and botanicals for an authentic touch

- Our very own lemonade made with a sprinkling of natural sugar cane and pure lemon juice

Make Tartan Juice the unofficial drink of the summer and take pride in the fact that, after all the waiting, the heartbreaks, the near-misses and the tears, that the laughter and good times are back. Whatever happens; win, lose or draw, we’ll be joining the biggest party in Scotland with a Tartan Juice in at least one of our hands.

Peace Lovin' Decoy

Introducing Peace Lovin’ Decoy. A brand new type of drink to the market that we call the ‘Gin Spritzer’. This gin in a can is precisely comprised of:

- Our very own craft gin

- Our cold-macerated tonic water, infused with fresh fruits and botanicals for an authentic touch

- Our very own lemonade made with a sprinkling of natural sugar cane and pure lemon juice

This is a gin we guarantee you’ve never tried before. Each ingredient has been specifically selected based on their ability to pair with one another at the molecular level. This is a drink engineered for greatness. This is Peace Lovin' Decoy.

What makes our products unique is not only the care and attention that goes into each section of our process. However, it is the processes themselves and the specific way in which we have engineered our flavours with 3 separate entities harmonizing together. The philosophy for our products is that the final creation is greater than the sum of its parts. And each of the 3 parts have been precisely engineered to play a specific role in the overall drinking experience.

Our botanicals, roots and fruits are carefully chosen and introduced into their designated part of the process to either provide a base to build from, to contribute to our designed flavour, or to help pull all the ingredients together to facilitate the complementing of one another.

The Gin Spritzer

Our Gin Spritzers consist of a combination of own-recipe gin and vodkas comprised of a specific composition of ingredients required to tailor an ideal marriage of essential oils. These oils harmonise at the molecular level due to the thermodynamic phenomena that occurs during our azeotropic distillations. Our botanicals are specifically sourced to ensure that their respective oils possess synergistic chemical structures in order to produce an impactful and long-lasting flavour that will resonate with your taste buds.

Upon refining the taste, character and quality of our Spritzer, the next stage involves integrating our naturally flavoured light tonic water.Using similar chemical principles to those invoked in the creation of our base spirit; fruits, herbs and spices are selected to establish a refreshing flavour that specifically unites with our chosen spirit. The tonic water absorbs oils from the botanicals over a two-day cold-pressed maceration period, before undergoing a purification process via pressurized filtration. The resulting product is then ready to be combined with our spirit.

The final step in the conception of our Gin Spritzer involves the implementation of a delicately sweet and moderately zesty flavour which pulls together all of the aromas present into a finely balanced beverage. The inclusion of our own low-calorie lemonade achieves all of this, as well as bringing down the overall ABV to a clean 4.0%.The completed product (gin, tonic, lemonade) is then carbonated and can be enjoyed with ease and efficiency through a standard draught line or from a nice-cold can.

Peace Lovin’ Decoy

Our signature drink is our Peace Lovin’ Decoy Gin Spritzer. Consisting of a touch of strawberry and clementine with a herbal infusion, blended together with zesty citrus notes it is crafted to provide a crisp, refreshing experience.  

Our inspiration for this flavour came from Scottish summertime. During the excitement and warm weather of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival we started thinking of some of our favourite fruits and flavours before consulting our research to determine which other ingredients were best suited to help showcase them. From here it was only a case of determining the correct quantities to balance the overall flavour.

We are proud to include real strawberries and clementine peel with zesty grapefruit while our select botanicals provide the subtle fragrant notes we all love and have come to expect from a great gin. With these ingredients we have created the ultimate refreshing alcoholic beverage at a moderate 4.0% ABV for your pleasure.

tartan juice

We have crafted our limited release flavour the following way:

Reduced aromatics through removing basil & rosemary, instead replaced with a sweeter and more refreshing finish from the addition of mint and thyme.

Large focus on creating a citric punch throughout the drink – we have doubled up on our total citric botanical usage and incorporated a wider blend of these fruits in each component of the drink.

No berries, or any fruits other than citric. We were careful to choose our citric ingredients so as not to create a flavour that swayed too tart, or too sweet – rather smooth and middling to provide a sessionable feel.

Incorporated a high dosage of our not-so-secret ingredient, Milk Thistle seeds (otherwise known as Scotch Thistle). How could we not have the pride of our nation in here.

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“We are Precision Spirits. A company founded by two Edinburgh-based chemical engineers, Luke and Guy, who strive to break down boundaries within the alcohol industry…”

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