our story

Innovating on Gin・Delivering on Flavour・Challenging Tradition


“We are Precision Spirits. A company founded by two Edinburgh-based chemical engineers, Luke and Guy, who strive to break down boundaries within the alcohol industry…”

Who are we?

We are Precision Spirits. A company founded by two Edinburgh-based chemical engineers, Luke and Guy, who strive to breakdown boundaries within the alcohol industry. During our final year at University, we started to realise that the drinks industry was becoming stale. Sure there are plenty of different products out there but the ideas are all the same. And too many products relied too heavily on tradition (Whisky gets a pass because of the legal requirements). Our thinking is ‘Why are we still following these past techniques when science has come so far today?’ This formed the basis of our plans for Precision Spirits, if we broke down the old methods of production, what improvements could we make and where could we make them. We see this as an opportunity to continually improve on everything we do.

For us, alcohol is a blank canvas, and ingredients the paint. With an infinite number of flavour combinations available we want to create exciting, novel, and great-tasting products for years to come. Each experience should be unique and we want to encourage our friends, customers and partners to take pride in their choices.

We believe that nobody should be told how or where to enjoy their favourite drinks. Stereotypes and judgements have no place in our world, which means they have no place in our industry. You shouldn’t have to feel the need to conform to perceptions or that some products belong in certain venues while others do not. In the end, if you’re the one enjoying it, does it matter what other people think? In short: you do you.

“Our vision is to find the perfect combinations of flavours. We can achieve this by continually striving to source the most effective, innovative and sustainable methods for the synthesis of our products…”

What are we about?

What makes a great product? Is it the history of it? Is it the regulations behind its creation? Is it the perception of how and when it should be consumed or the type of person consuming it?

The answer to all these questions, is no. Sure, they help to fluff up and create the allure and mystique, but every single product is nothing without one, hugely important characteristic: quality of taste.

That’s why we at Precision Spirits want to pull the curtain back on the drinks industry, one spirit at a time, and let product quality do the talking. Using fresh and natural ingredients alongside a continual search for the most effective method of synthesis, our focus to deliver the highest quality product at a favourable price. Do you really need more than great taste?

We believe in utilising modern-day scientific techniques to pair our ingredients such that each tasting note is maximised in the overall flavour of the product. This allows us to be precise and methodical in our manufacturing by cutting down on guesswork. Strict objective reasoning is used to support every decision we make in our processes and business.

Despite all this, we are not simply a drinks company. This is one aspect of us but not all that we are. We are a community. And the care and craftsmanship we put into our drinks will go into every aspect of what we do. We are strong believers in maximising resources and community collectiveness to find ways to utilise excess materials within society for the better. By promoting this idea of a circular economy within our local environment we can help each other in our journey towards a sustainable future.

For us, that means using recycled and compostable materials, switching to green energy and reducing the wastage in our product synthesis, only using what we need. As well as looking for secondary uses for all of secondary products.

For you, that means more taste, less waste. Everybody wins.