Peace Lovin' Decoy

An introduction into our maiden product. This all-new ready-to-drink (RTD) gin spritzer is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It’s a gin in a can with a fresh twist on an old tradition. Combining the best parts of the industry favourites into one product.

Peace Lovin' Decoy

Every so often a product finds its way to market that is so astounding, so ground-breaking, so fresh and original that it takes the world by storm and makes everything else in its sector obsolete. This is not Peace Lovin’ Decoy. We’re not stupid enough to claim this about our brand-new read-to-drink Gin Spritzer, its not perfect but it’s damn good and different to anything you’ve tried before on the gin market, that’s for sure.

The Recipe

1.    Gin

Small-batch London Dry Gin that is distilled over 6 hours using a secret recipe. This recipe was created through hundreds of hours ofexperimenting with our pilot still, combing through dozens of research papers,and sticking to a strict - and I mean strict - diet of only juniper berries and London Dry craft Gin.

(Only joking, please drink responsibly)

2.    Tonic

Our low-calorie tonic undertakes a 24-hour cold maceration with a mixture of berries, citrus peels, and dried plants. This tonic retains a complimentary juniper flavour whilst boasting both sweet and savoury elements from our hand-picked Scottish strawberries and tasty herbs. In other words, our tonic is tidy.

3.    Lemonade

The final piece of the puzzle (can), is our low-sugar lemonade. We make this zesty bitch with just 4 ingredients because sometimes simplicity makes for a lot of flavour. A blend of natural cane sugar and ethically sourced organic birch extract add a sweet undertone to our lemonade which links to the gin and tonic, compounding the flavour in the can.

4. The Serve

We then round up the three components and blend them together to create our ready to drink products. Of course, this ready to drink can is best served chilled, maybe even in a glass with ice? During a summer heatwave??

Best served chilled? That can be done. Glass with ice? That can definitely be done. Summer heatwave? A freezing cold pandemic-ridden winter will have to make do. Oh well.

The Concept

Peace Lovin’ Decoy has the flavour profile of strawberry and clementine with a herbal infusion - blending this together is a zesty citrus touch. A juniper character, reminiscent of a dry gin and tonic, is retained throughout the tin.

Each component is there to complement one another, such that the overall product is greater than the sum of its parts.

I know you might be thinking that adding diet tonic and lemonade- two different mixers - sounds strange, but get this, we really do have a reason for doing so.

Precision Spirits was founded in early 2019 with one special, prevailing idea:

           “What if we can predict which ingredients and flavours will match up well in a product?”

There are numerous benefits to this thought, the main two being that:

  • Reduce time spent on wayward experimenting
  • Allows us to focus on each and every ingredient weuse, ensuring that we channel their oomph

We believe that the data research we have carried out into the inner workings of ingredient pairing will set us up to produce many innovative and tasty drinks - not just gin, and not just in cans - far into the future.

The Difference

What else - apart from the production techniques - sets Peace Lovin' Decoy apart? We, as avid explorers of all types of alcohol (again, responsibly), naturally drew on our past experiences with some of the most popular categories.

  • Fruit ciders: the flavours are bold, sweet, and exciting. Berry and citrus varieties dominate the shelves as hordes of trendy folk - every new brand's dream target audience- swoop in to purchase them by the gallon. What could the drawback be? Well, take a look at the product information on the customer services website page and you will find just that. Some of these ciders have a staggering 65 (!!!)grams of sugar per bottle. We knew it was too good to be true.
  • Craft beer: there are so many terrific varieties, wild artistic expressions from start-up businesses, and most importantly, great-tasting products. The problem? Division amongst customers, adverts from a certain drinks giant creating an almost cult-like following that many in the nation just simply cannot identify with. We have no time for this type of identity politics with our products.
  • Gin: the gin boom, pink gin, Indian tonic water, and some bloke called Gordon? It really is everywhere these days. The popularity of pink gin undoubtedly usurped gin into the front line of many businesses. Eluding the signature juniper and gin taste, we feel that the rise of pink gin acted like a callback for other producers to really experiment with the product. The craft approach and newfound variety within the sector is great, however, this has unequivocally come at an expense. The pretentious gin drinker, the cocktail making craft gin a*shole, and the small & exclusive members-only craft gin club who meet bi-monthly to choose their gin of the month. There's nothing wrong with being like these folk, they find the time and take a full interest in our craft - we just don't appreciate this perceived snobbery, and we don’t want people to be put off gin because of it.

Peace Lovin’ Decoy. This all-new gin spritzer in a can has drawn from the fruity cider, craft beer, and gin markets. It has the flavour of the ciders with a fraction of the sugars. The aesthetic and fun appearance of craft beer without the “with us or against us” type of marketing. And finally, it has the craft gin approach. That of patience, precision, and care, free from any pretentious peddling.

We have aimed to bring all the best parts of these products together and we believe we have done just that.

We are Precision Spirits. And this is Peace Lovin’ Decoy.