Citrus Gin

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This Citrus gin is a blend of two distillates from opposing ends of the citric spectrum. Lemon & Kaffir Lime contrast with grapefruit and orange to create a fusion of sweet, tart & tang. Juniper, rosemary and coriander round the flavour profile and provide stability to this modern citrus gin.

Overcrowding of botanicals can create confusion and lead to oversights in flavour management. Using two separate distillates allowed us to optimise multiple citric components simultaneously before blending, assuring that each fruit was extracted to its fullest potential. 

tasting notes

Aroma: Fresh citrus rind, mild juniper & pine.

Palate:  Soft lemon drop moves into a warmer, full-bodied citric experience. Sweetness from mint & kaffir lime is contrasted with sharper notes from grapefruit. A smooth finish is achieved as the long legs of citrus & sweet are drawn out gradually.

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