Rhubarb & Custard Martini

✦ Add sliced lemongrass to your shaker (no ice) and muddle

✦ Add Add 2 parts Precision Spirits LDN Dry Gin

✦ 1 part Demerara Syrup (bought or homemade)

✦ 1 part @warninksuk Advocaat (swap to Eggnog if you have any leftover!!)

✦ Add a few ice cubes & shake well for 15s✦ Strain into a chilled glass

✦ Top up with your favourite rhubarb soda as a float (ours is @bonaccorddrinks)✦ Forced rhubarb garnish for that fancy finish

A classic cocktail that is ideal for cold evenings (and easily adaptable with a festive twist..)

Rhubarb and custard is a tried & tested combination in British cuisine - both through the traditional desert pairing & the retro sweeties (which actually don't contain either rhubarb or custard 😮).

Precision Spirits LDN Dry cuts perfectly through the sweet, rich centre provided by the Advocaat (an eggnog-like liqueur used to make snowballs). Then the sharp, slightly sour rhubarb adds the perfect finish to this winter cocktail!