Gypsy Martini 2.0

✦ 2 parts Precision Spirits LDN Dry Gin ⁠

✦ 1.5 parts @leithdistillery Oloroso Sherry ⁠

✦ 1 part Demerara Syrup (bought or homemade, recipe for ours to follow) ⁠

✦ Squeeze half a lemon ⁠

✦ Fresh Rosemary sprigs x 2 ⁠⁠

Muddle, shake with ice then fine strain into a chilled glass 🍸⁠

Fresh, sharp, sophisticated! ⁠⁠

This is our take on a classic gypsy martini, which traditionally incorporates raisins & rosemary with a bold dry gin to create a balanced sweet & savoury flavour. ⁠⁠

We know that rosemary pairs excellently with Precision Spirits LDN Dry gin - the fragrant pine-like flavours marry well with the citric, earthy and rounded botanicals in the gin. So next, we had to figure out how best to harness the warm, stewed sweetness that the raisins provide. ⁠⁠

This is where we landed on @leithdistillery Oloroso Sherry - we knew this would provide the depth & flavour of raisins, dried fruit & prunes. However the spiced undertones & tropical finish add an extra dimension to this cocktail that ticks all of our boxes, far beyond the basic inclusion of raisins!