Basil & Watermelon Smash

⁠✦ Add 2 watermelon wedges (as shown in 2nd pic) and 4-5 leaves of fresh Thai basil to the shaker, then muddle

⁠✦ Add 2 parts Precision Spirits LDN Dry Gin

⁠✦ 1 part Demerara Syrup (bought or homemade, recipe for ours to follow) ⁠

✦ Squeeze in half a fresh lemon ⁠✦ Shake with ice for ~ 15s then fine strain into a chilled glass ⁠

✦ Garnish with a watermelon slice and sprig of fresh Thai Basil

Summertime in a cocktail 🍹⁠⁠This is really simple to make, and easily be done in big batches for all your summertime shindigs ☀️⁠⁠Precision Spirits LDN Dry Gin uses heaps of basil, and we're doubling down on this using fresh Thai basil (garden basil is absolutely fine as well, we just like the extra kick of spice from the Thai variety). Fresh, juicy watermelon lifts the cocktail helping to create an iconic, summer cocktail.